Welcome to FLOW! April 14 2014

Why FLOW?  Well, we love to support the local economy and we know that locally-produced means ethical products made in a safe working environment by Canadians making fair wages.  It also means awesome styles and consistently superior quality!  You deserve that...

But where do I find such clothing? Most stores we found either offer inexpensive, mass-produced products (typically of poor quality) made overseas, or overpriced internationally-recognized brands also manufactured overseas and the big profits go to the shareholders, not the employees making the garments.  We found some great brands made here in Canada at some local boutiques, but when shopping online for these brands google would often send us to an American e-com website who ships from the USA.  Why ship something made in Canada to the US, then back again?

So flow-active was born...great clothes from the best Made in Canada brands, plus other great ethical and/or eco-products you will love - all orders packed & shipped right here in Canada.  We are just getting started.  Check back regularly for new arrivals from more great brands, and find your flow!